Three Pathways of Connection in Business and in Life

cosmosWe may have heard the term ‘Music of the Spheres’ but what can it teach us about ourselves and how we do business? Author and marketer Lynn Serafinn explains in this passage adapted from the Chapter ‘The Graces of Connection’ from the book The 7 Graces of Marketing.

Earlier this week, my friend Vanessa commented on how much she likes my catch phrase, “Turning up the volume of the music of your heart,” which I say at the end of my radio broadcasts. The phrase was inspired by an ancient concept called Music Humana, which I discuss in the chapter entitled “Grace #1: Connection” in my book The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell (coming December 13th). I thought you might enjoy reading about this ancient concept, and see how it can apply to the creation of a more congruent businesses and a more joyful life.

In Classical Greek cosmology, there were three types of ‘music,’ generally translated into Latin as Musica Instrumentalis, Musica Mundana and Musica Humana.

Musica Instrumentalis is what we typically think of as ‘music’; it is that which is produced by some sort of physical sound vibration, whether from the voice or an instrument, and is audible to ordinary human hearing.

At a higher level is Musica Mundana, generally translated in English as ‘Music of the Spheres.’ Musica Mundana is that music, inaudible via ordinary physical hearing, produced by the movement of the planets, stars and entire cosmic creation. The astronomer Kepler was particularly interested in Musica Mundana, and he devised an entire system of astrology around the vibrational ratios between the planets.

Lastly, there is Musica Humana. This is the most subtle form of music, and is that which is sung by the human soul. It is the music of spirit that resonates via the hearts of all sentient beings, and from the Heart of the Creator and Creation Itself. I like to call this kind of music ‘Music of the Heart.’

Being able to ‘hear’ these three types of music is what brings joy, meaning and Connection to all living creatures.

While I don’t know how the Greeks really thought about these three types of music, in my own experience, each of them is ‘heard’ via three distinct pathways:

  • Musica Instrumentalis is heard via the body or matter
  • Musica Mundana is heard via the mind or consciousness
  • Musica Humana is heard via the heart or spirit

In our modern society, very few people can articulate the existence of these three types of music, although I believe they are undoubtedly known to all of us at an intuitive, unconscious level, as part of the experience of being alive. And even after being aware of their existence, we do not necessarily have the sensitivity and awareness to ‘hear’ them fully. I remember when I first listened to a Brahms symphony as a young child, it sounded like a ‘wall of noise’ to me and I could make no sense of it whatsoever. Later, when I was a music student, I was taught how to hear music at a deep level in order to understand its subtlety and appreciate its aesthetic beauty. As a music teacher I passed on this ability to hear Musica Instrumentalis to my students. It was always fascinating to see how they reacted when their ears first ‘opened up’ so they could actually hear the music, as they realised how much delight they had been missing in the past.

The more subtle forms of music, Musica Mundana and Musica Humana, are no different. While we are born with the innate ability to hear these musics, it does not mean we will hear them. Just as I was listening to the Brahms symphony but could not ‘hear’ it, we are walking through life continually immersed in both the Music of the Spheres and the Music of the Heart, without necessarily hearing them. On a daily basis, we walk, breathe and function to the pulse of the Music of the Spheres, and we feel, express and know both ourselves and others through the melody of the Music of the Heart. Yet we may be so out of touch with our ability to ‘hear’ these musics that we are unaware of their presence.

The first time I unknowingly ‘heard’ Musica Mundana, I was at the Grand Canyon, where I came face-to-face with the Milky Way at 2 A.M.; later that morning I heard it again when I saw the sunrise racing across the Canyon as if a blanket were being lifted from the surface of the Earth. These experiences plunged me into a deep awareness of where I was in the Universe, and how the Earth on which I stood was spinning at a rate of 1,000 miles an hour as it whirled through space. I knew these experiences were significant, but I didn’t know precisely why. Then, about 15 years later, I sat atop a hill in a rural part of northern Spain on a silent retreat. I observed the world around me, simply witnessing whatever appeared without thought or attachment. After about two hours, I began to feel shivers up my spine as I ‘heard’ what I later described as ‘The Song of the Earth.’ It wasn’t sound on a physical level as we think of it. Rather, it was an acute awareness of the continual flow of time, space, light, shadow, warm, cold, and all energies passing through Her. In that moment, I felt connected to the Earth–and to the greater Source–in a way I had never felt before.

The third kind of music, Musica Humana, ‘The Music of the Heart,’ is not contingent upon time, place or circumstance. It is the deep, immutable vibration of the Essence of who we are that cannot be destroyed or silenced. When we feel fully aware of, connected to and expressive of our true Self, we are hearing that Music of the Heart. When we see past the distorted reflections of who we project ourselves to be and see both ourselves and others as we truly are, we are hearing that subtlest of all music–Musica Humana.

It is the ultimate music of Connection.

While these three musical terms might have been coined by the Greeks, their meaning is by no means unique to them. So many ancient cultures viewed reality as one in which we are intrinsically connected both to the world in which we live and to all other living beings. Only in the past half-millennium or so have we gradually adopted a worldview in which we are separate, and in some cases superior to, our environment. As technology has given mankind increasing power and control over the material world, the delusion of separation and domination has become stronger and stronger. And as that belief in our separation has become increasingly accepted as reality, we have created a serious imbalance in our experience of life that has impacted our physical and emotional health, our communities, our economy and, most of all, our natural world.

Just as Creation is a reflection of the consciousness of a Creator or collective creative energy, all of our human creations are reflections of our collective consciousness as a people. And amongst our creations is our economic system, which includes all aspects of money, business, trade and, finally, marketing. Because our creations are reflections of our consciousness, if our worldview is one of Connection, by nature our businesses and marketing practices will express and increase Connection. But if our cosmology is one of separation, every aspect of our businesses and marketing practices will express and increase that separation.

Understandably, to many of us, the idea that marketing could possibly be a connective, or even spiritual, activity seems pretty outlandish. In fact, marketing often seems to be the very antithesis of spirituality. But this is only because most marketing we see has been created from a place of Disconnection–from Self, others, our businesses and the world around us. But when Connection is established in all our Key Relationships, marketing can become a Divine activity through which we are able to actualise our dharma and communicate our core values through our business and our lives in general.

In my book The 7 Graces of Marketing, I discuss the root causes of the “Deadly Sin” of Disconnection in marketing and its impact upon our lives, and means to return to our natural state of “Grace” through Connection. I also discuss 6 other “Deadly Sins” and “Graces,” as well as “The 7 Key Relationships” that shape our lives, including how we create and respond to marketing. I invite you to check it out.

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  1. Maya says:

    WOW! I had an experience some years ago where I was able to know what I was before I was born. I was Musica Humana, or a part of it. I didn’t know there was a term for this until I read this post. I have always said we are pieces of music, all belonging to the enormous symphony that is creation. Now I have a way of describing it that I didn’t before. I am thrilled. I am also a marketing person so what you say resonates deeply for me and I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you!

    • Lynn Serafinn says:

      Lovely, Maya! I’m so glad it resonated with you. I go into much more detail in the book, of course. May you always hear the music of the heart!
      Warm wishes,

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