The Dharma of Business and Humanity – Deep Ecology of the 7 Graces

ecology bubblesHere’s a completely free MP3 of a 1 hour class I recently gave. No sign-up required to hear it. Just play in the player below.



This week I was invited to deliver a free webinar hosted by Molly Gordon of Shaboom Inc dot com. We delivered it yesterday to more than 300 people who signed up for the event (not bad considering we only promoted it for a few days).

This webinar was special, because it was different from nearly all the other webinars and rado broadcasts I have done recently. Molly didn’t interview me at all, but rather introduced me and turned the ‘stage’ over to me completely. If I’m honest, I had assumed this would be an interview, and I hadn’t consciously prepared to lead a 1-hour class. However, Molly’s turning over the mic to me was exactly what I needed yesterday, because I’ve been in a truly reflective and (dare I say) emotional place all week, and I’ve been going more and more deeply into the purpose and meaning of the work I do.

This is why I really wanted to share this audio with you, because I think it’s the best class or talk I’ve ever delivered in my life. Molly very kindly consented to let me put the MP3 up on my blog without requiring you to sign up to listen to it (very nice of her). I do encourage you to download the audio because its full of rich information.

I dive into the harmful impact of marketing throughout the past century and the deep ecology of the 7 Graces. I explain what I mean by the dharma of business, and take a look at the dharma of mankind as well. I translate the word dharma as “that which holds things together”. In other words, the dharma of anything is the fundamental quality it has that defines its essence and reason to exist. I explain how ancient Sanskrit literatures show that the dharma of business and agriculture in the world is to “feed society”. The simple “measuring stick” I give in the talk for assessing whether or not your business or marketing is serving its dharma is to ask the question, “Is this feeding society, or is it feeding upon it?”

I also give many historical examples of how modern marketing has affted our lifestyle and habits, and how it is impacting our health and economic state. I then go through each of the 7 Graces and how they apply to business and all aspects of life, with special attention to the Grace of Connection, and how it impacts every choice we make and action we take in life, as well as impacting everything around us.

To hear the full class, just click play in the player below.


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LYNN SERAFINN, MAED, CPCC is a certified, award-winning coach, teacher, marketer, social media expert, radio host, speaker and author of the number one bestseller The 7 Graces of Marketing — How to Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way We Sell and Tweep-e-licious! 158 Twitter Tips & Strategies for Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Who Want to Market their Business Ethically. She is listed in the Top 20 of the Top Marketing Authors on Twitter by Social Media Magazine and was a finalist for the prestigious Brit Writers Awards. She also received the eLit Book Awards Silver Medal in Humanitarian and Ecological Social Affairs, as well as the Bronze Medal in Business and Sales.

Lynn’s eclectic approach to marketing incorporates her vast professional experience in the music industry and the educational sector along with more than two decades of study and practice of the spirituality of India. Her innovative marketing campaigns have produced a long list of bestselling non-fiction authors through her company Spirit Authors. Lynn is also the Founder of the 7 Graces Project CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise created to train, support, mentor and inspire independent business owners to market their business ethically, serve society and planet, and restore all that is best about humanity.

(not just for Londoners, as we meet also on Skype)

My dear friends. Earlier today I did a free webinar hosted by Molly Gordon, where I delivered a 1 hour presentation on the dharma of humanity and business, and the 7 Graces of Marketing and life. If I do say so myself, I feel like it was one of the best and most empassioned talks I’ve ever given. I would be honoured if you could check it out. Audio download is now available if you sign up on Molly’s site. — with Molly Gordon.
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