How Does Your Business Score in Ethical Marketing?

It’s great to talk about ethical marketing, but how well are we putting it into practice? Take the 7 Graces Ethical Marketing Self-Assessment Quiz and find out.

When I wrote The 7 Graces of Marketing in 2010-11, I was interested in writing a book that would open people’s eyes about the issues surrounding marketing ethics, and how marketing was impacting their work in ways they might never have realised. As more time passes, readers and people in our community have been asking for materials that can help them get a better practical understanding of how to apply the 7 Graces in their own business and marketing. As there is never a “one size fits all” approach to marketing (or ethics!), whenever I start out with a new marketing client, the first thing I do is assess where they are now, so we can get a better idea of where we want to go.

Today I thought I’d apply this same idea of initial assessment to my blog post, and make up a self-assessment quiz you can take to find out more about your ethical marketing consciousness and practice.

Eventually I’ll put this assessment into some sort of automated format, but for now, we’ll have to use the old-fashioned way of writing down your answers on a piece of paper. If you prefer, you can download the assessment in PDF format (it’s just one page), print it out, and write your answers into the form so you can keep them and reflect on them later.

There are 25 questions, with a maximum score of 100 (just to make it easier to see in terms of percentage). Some of the questions might be about things you’ve never really thought about before. If that’s the case, enter a score of “0”. Don’t worry if there are a several low scores. This is not a “test” you need to pass before you can say you’re an “ethical marketer”. It’s a self-assessment solely for the purpose of seeing which areas of your marketing you might wish to explore and strengthen. Have fun with it.

Ok, so ready to go? Then, read each question below and score yourself on a scale of 0 to 4:

  • 0 = none; never
  • 1 = not much; hardly ever
  • 2 = occasionally; a bit
  • 3 = frequently; a fair bit
  • 4 = almost always; a lot


  1. How emotionally and spiritually connected do you feel to your current business?
  2. How frequently does your audience give you positive feedback to say they relate to your marketing?
  3. How well does your business reflect your beliefs, values and connection to the planet?
  4. How freely do you offer advice, wisdom and information in your marketing or on your website?
  5. How much time do you spend creating quality information content for your audience?
  6. How thoroughly does your marketing supply the information your customers need to make informed choices/decisions?
  7. How much ‘space’ do you give your customers when they are deciding whether or not to purchase your products/services?
  8. How careful are you about gaining permission before sending mass emails?
  9. How positive are readers about the quantity and quality of emails you send them?
  10. How much interaction do you as a business owner have on social media (Twitter/FB)?
  11. How much interaction do you have with your audience on your website/blog?
  12. How likely are your website visitors to describe your website as ‘welcoming’ or ‘engaging’?
  13. How clearly, simply and precisely does your marketing describe what you offer?
  14. How effectively do you refrain from hype, fluff or superlatives in your marketing copy?
  15. How conscious are you about what might be construed as deceptive language in your marketing?
  16. How clearly and concretely do you back up the claims you make in your marketing?
  17. How fearless are you about what your business stands for?
  18. How visibly are your company’s values expressed throughout your marketing materials?
  19. How consciously does your company work towards a ‘triple bottom line’ (i.e. not just ‘profit’ but ‘people’ and ‘planet’ as well)?
  20. How consciously does your company strive for economic balance and flow, rather than increasing profits?
  21. How consciously do you REFRAIN from encouraging people to overspend or buy what they do not need?
  22. How sincerely do you believe there is indeed ‘enough’ for everyone in the world?
  23. How frequently do you collaborate with other business owners in your industry to create new product lines or joint marketing campaigns?
  24. How frequently do you meet with other business owners in your industry (either online or in person) to freely share best practice?
  25. How frequently do you ask your audience for ideas or feedback?



  1. First, look at your overall score out of 100. This should give you a broad idea of how comprehensively you are thinking about, and applying, marketing ethics in your business.
  2. Now, look at the areas where you scored 2 or less. These are the areas where you might wish to explore and improve.

Specific Graces

These questions are GROUPED into 7 categories, each relating to one of the 7 Graces. By looking at where you show your strengths and weaknesses in each Grace, you can focus on improving specific qualities in your marketing:

  1. Questions 1 – 3 are about the Grace of CONNECTION. There is a maximum score of 12 for this section. If you scored 7 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.
  2. Questions 4 – 6 are about the Grace of INSPIRATION. There is a maximum score of 12 for this section. If you scored 7 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.
  3. Questions 7 – 12 are about the Grace of INVITATION. There is a maximum score of 24 for this section. If you scored 15 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.
  4. Questions 13 – 14 are about the Grace of DIRECTNESS. There is a maximum score of 8 for this section. If you scored 5 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.
  5. Questions 15 – 18 are about the Grace of TRANSPARENCY. There is a maximum score of 16 for this section. If you scored 10 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.
  6. Questions 19 – 22 are about the Grace of ABUNDANCE. There is a maximum score of 16 for this section. If you scored 10 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.
  7. Questions 23 – 25 are about the Grace of COLLABORATION. There is a maximum score of 12. If you scored 7 or less, this is definitely an area for improvement.


  • I hope you found this self-assessment quiz useful. It’s a “beta” test, and I’d welcome your feedback about the wording of the questions. If there is anything you didn’t understand, let me know, so I can improve this quiz. Just put your comments in the comment box below.
  • I’d also welcome you to share any “ah ha” moments you might have had when taking the quiz. Again, please use the comments box below (either for the site or for Facebook).
  • Lastly, if you see areas that you want to improve, and you feel you could use some one-to-one guidance, drop me a line via the contact form on this page if you’d like to discuss the possibility of working with me as a consultant for your business.

Lynn Serafinn
19 April 2013


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  2. This was a really interesting exercise, Lynn – I actually scored better than I thought I would! However, it was an illuminating exercise and proves I have lots of work to do to tighten up and streamline my 7 Graces practices!!

  3. Mica May says:

    This quiz was SO useful!
    Since scoring low on collaboration I guess I’ve been looking out and open to more collaborations for Stopcocks Women Plumbers.
    We’d forgiven ourselves for not scoring so well in this area because of the nature of our sector but having opened up to it’s possibilities we’ve been approached by several people from the edges of and outside our sector.
    We’re dancing with the potential these alliances will bring by exploring what could be win/win/wins.
    Thank you

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