Leadership, Vision and the Tribe in New Paradigm Marketing

Lynn Serafinn discusses the 3 essential ingredients of a tribe and why communication between marketers and their audience is vital to the new business paradigm.

Over the past month, I’ve been writing a lot on the subject of the Grace of Collaboration. We discussed the four essential qualities of Collaboration: Vision, Innovation, Trust and Ease. We looked at how our antiquated ideas about Competition can often limit our ability to practice Collaboration. We examined the integral place of Collaboration in the new business paradigm as well as the evolving trend towards Collaboration between businesses and their audiences.

Last time, when we talked about seeing your audience as your greatest collaborators, I said, ‘for this partnership to happen you must first create your community: the “crowd” or the “tribe”. Today in part 5 in this series, we’ll look at what a tribe is (and what it isn’t), and the difference between a ‘target audience’ and a ‘tribe’.

Anatomy of the Tribe – 3 Points of Reference

On page 1 of his book Tribes, author and marketer Seth Godin defines the word tribe thusly:

‘A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.’

I like this definition because it gives us three points of reference. Anyone who knows basic geometry (or watches crime dramas!) knows that three points enable you to ‘triangulate’ your coordinates so you can define a precise point. So if we triangulate Godin’s 3-point definition, we can say that a tribe is a group of people who are:

  1. Connected to a leader AND
  2. Connected to an idea AND
  3. Connected to one another

In other words, unless all three components are present, it is not a tribe.

The Leader and the Call of the New Idea

For sake of argument, let’s say the ‘leader’ in this definition is YOU. By ‘idea’, let’s take that to mean ‘ideology’ or ‘new way of seeing’. Real tribes are not just based upon mundane ideas but upon visions. Unless you develop your vision into a ‘new way of seeing’, you will find it difficult to communicate your vision to others. And without that communication, you will not be able to inspire and lead a tribe.

For example, I had great difficulty communicating what I intuitively knew about the problems with old school marketing UNTIL my insights took shape AS the ‘7 Graces of Marketing’. Prior to putting a name and a structure on this ‘new way of seeing’, my message and observations lacked impact. Only when we can present our vision to others in such a way that they can ‘consume’ it, digest it and even reinvent it, do we become leaders.

Leaders are those who ‘answer the call’. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell talks about how all ‘heroes’ go through a phase where they first ‘refuse the call’ before picking up the gauntlet presented to them. I love this explanation because it shows us that all ‘heroes’ (or leaders) are ultimately human, who suffer from their own fears and self-doubt.

I believe each one of us has inherited the ‘hero gene’ somewhere in our DNA. However, if we do not get past our ‘refusing the call’ stage, we will never manifest our innate ability to lead. Without a leader, an idea has no voice. If an idea is silent, no one will hear it. And there can be no tribe when no one hears the message.

So, if you feel like you are sitting on the outskirts of your own business (or life), wondering where in the world your tribe is, ask yourself whether or not it’s your OWN doing. Have you been refusing the call of your vision? Perhaps you’ve been drifting ‘tribelessly’ around for the simple reason that YOU haven’t created your tribe yet.

Tribes vs Cults of Personality

Starting a tribe is relatively easy. You are the leader. You have a vision. You start talking about your vision to the most likely people to be interested. You create a vehicle for meeting and communicating with them.

Simple, yes, but there are some key things to remember. Your communication needs to be integrated into the life-blood of your tribe. If it’s all one-way communication coming from you and going out to ‘them’, you might have an ‘audience’ but you don’t have a tribe. Traditional ‘old-school’ marketers stop at this point, being satisfied to have an audience of followers rather than a true tribe.

Many social media marketers may think they are operating within the new paradigm, but they, too, often misinterpret the word ‘tribe’ by using it to refer to their target audience or followers. I confess, I’m sure I’ve used the word in this context myself on occasion. But this interpretation of the word fails the 3-part triangulation test in that there is no allowance for communication within the tribe. Without the means for open communication within a tribe, you it risk changing from a tribe into ‘a cult of personality’.


Living Colour – Cult of Personality

I know it might seem like a complete diversion, but I’ve always loved the song ‘Cult of Personality’ by the band Living Colour. I also think the words are relevant to what we’re talking about here.

The ‘cult of personality’ is an easy trap to fall into. Even in these early stages of the development of The 7 Graces Project, I occasionally feel a ‘tug’ in my gut if the light shines too much on me personally, and there is not enough interaction between the community and the idea. If our 7 Graces enterprise is to lead the way for a truly new paradigm, we have to set the example by getting this balance right ourselves. I might be the ‘leader’ in that I had the vision and I am taking responsibility for communicating those ideas as best I can, but without the communication, innovation, input and collaborative projects taking place amongst the community, there can be no tribe.

Ultimately, the tribe itself is responsible for maintaining the balance between leader, vision and the group. And that can only happen when the tribe stops being a ‘group of people’ or a ‘crowd’ and evolves into a cohesive entity in its own right.

Tribes and the Grace of Collaboration

In my book Tweep-e-licious I talk a lot about the mechanics of starting an online ‘tribe’ through keywords and Twitter lists. This helps you find ‘targeted’ followers who may have an interest in your ‘vision’, your ‘new idea’. But finding people who might share your vision is just the first stage in tribe evolution. Developing dialogue is the next phase. From dialogue come possibilities for the Grace of Collaboration to spring forth.

As you open up your dialogue with your followers on Twitter, Facebook or other social media, you start to develop an ‘inner circle’ of people with whom you feel most aligned. From this, a seminal ‘tribe’ starts to form, as these people become your marketing partners and you begin to co-create new projects that express your common vision.

But even these kinds of collaborative projects, as wonderful as they are, do not necessarily evolve into a true, fully-developed tribe. I believe…

A REAL tribe is an entity, a spirit in its own right. It has a life-cycle, a drive and an esprit de corps that can only manifest when the leader surrenders to the power of the vision.

How this transformation occurs is the subject of many books by many great social thinkers. In our next article in this series on Collaboration, we’ll explore that phase of the evolutionary process of the tribe, and look at how and why ‘Community’ and ‘Collaboration’ are inextricably linked.

I hope you’ll subscribe so you can come back and follow the next leg of the journey. And please leave a comment, too, so we can get this dialogue going! Besides. I get some of my best blogging ideas from your input.

Self-Enquiries for Today

  1. You might be a member of someone else’s tribe (most of us are). Think of the idea behind the leader, and the leader behind the idea. How are they working together? Is there much separation between them? How are they answering a ‘call’ from the Universe? Why are you drawn to be part of this tribe?
  2. What’s the ‘new way of seeing’ that has been calling you? How are you communicating it to others? Where are you refusing or accepting ‘the call’ of this vision? What is your relationship with it? What is happening (or not happening) as a result?


Take some action to define, build or develop your tribe:

  1. Take some time this week to define your vision and message.
  2. Write a short profile of your typical tribe members. What do they believe? What do they love? What are they looking for?
  3. How would your tribe communicate? How will you facilitate this communication?
  4. In what ways could such a tribe bring the vision into reality? What could they create together? How could the vision become bigger than your self? How do you feel about this?
  5. What guidelines will you use to keep your tribe from becoming a ‘cult of personality’?
  6. After you have completed this profile, write done some steps you will take this week to get started building (or expanding) this tribe.


~ Lynn Serafinn
3 April 2013

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7 Responses to Leadership, Vision and the Tribe in New Paradigm Marketing

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  2. Dear Lynn ‘The 7 Graces’ idea is lovely, and your superb intentions behind them – with which in aims I wholly agree – but one needs to be very careful defining those Graces because history shows us ‘tribes’ laying waste around them because they follow ‘ideologies’ (or ‘religions’) which spawn ‘leaders ‘ or ‘gods’ who are ‘I’ focused and exclusive – ‘do it my way or die’ – so ‘competition’ is endemic not only within tribes but without to defend their ‘tribe’. We need a finer paradigm!

    My ex-Eden allegory in TGP (which reverses the story as I maintain we leave Eden in Grace NOT sin) starts a wholly different path entirely ‘inside-out’ (but then I have been a creative manufacturing engineer for 30 years) by ‘binning’ all forms of ‘god’ – but in no way inhibiting the essential human condition needs of shepherds – the difference between gods, ideologies leaders and shepherds is absolute – some of us are sheep and some shepherds – it is Doctrinaire Socialism’s total failure to deny this essential recognition by its ‘ideology’ of enforced equality!

    ‘Gods’ of all and every sort are the way to hell . In his Purgatoria Dante placed over the gates of Hell that ‘they were forged by the Power, The Wisdom and The Love of God’ – Dante knew the truth of it. We have to do better than that. The Golden Path has done by throwing almost every ‘modern’ convention in the bin to seek (and find) a greater truth – through a giant Romance – because you can’t sell polemics, I’ve tried!
    It is achieved by a great dialectic canter between those who have served God, and found him wanting, and a prostitute who becomes a St Joan (an icon of ‘worship’ because man has always sought worship NOT a god) in the process. No didactery of mine, discussion of theirs but also wonderful examples as they build a new way of seeing and doing everything – which is the heart of a magnificent series of ‘lurvely’ Romances in which ‘tribes’ of every persuasion hit the bin – but shepherds abound! Yours VS Margaret PS I have a number of ‘Design Awards’ for my erstwhile engineering – which I have not been for some 10 years for ‘educating myself in my 1,000 book classical library to achieve Ruskin’s ideal of ‘skill first academic based upon it’ though his remit is far wider than that.

  3. Dear Lynn, Having been to the pub for lunch has jiggled to synapses so might I be so bold as to add to the fun?
    As a member of a tribe or ‘church’ we are merely a reflection of it for having surrendered our identity to it – so cease to be ourselves. It is the Individual who Inspires to Invention and mankind’s Immortality – while churches decay while destroying round them. All the worthy advances of mankind – in Truth – have come from those outside ‘churches’, while all its repressions have been due to ‘churches’ – tribes, ideologies whatever. Individuals are free, churches are The Cage so Golden Paths are not made that way nor the ends of rainbows found. Yours VS Margaret Montrose. PS East Anglia was the home of ‘Dissent’ we exported ‘across the pond’!

  4. Chris Ogle says:

    Hi Lynn, very good piece… as you well know Link4Growth is indeed a tribe… there is a huge vision behind this and right from the beginning for me it has been about not being ‘the person on the podium’ … my work is out there amongst the people, exposing the vision, attracting interest, and enthusing about the future we can create… together… there are others more suited to being on the podium, at the end of a microphone, being in the media…

    It just serves to demonstrate, we are all important, none more so that any other, and we are all here to do what we are all here to do! … Having set sail to the vision… let it develop amongst the tribe with become a manifestation of itself… how liberating is that!! Control and Ego have no part in the Link4Growth vision of the future, only collaboration to build the kind of communities we would love to leave as a legacy for the generations to come…

  5. Dear Lynn (it’s a Brit thing), My ‘absolute’ comments on your fine efforts to step the rot of Marketing values today with ‘7 Graces’ are in no way to disparage your valiant endeavours which I hold in high regard – my comments are not particular, they are generals, which address a fundamental flaw in The Western Ethic today.

    This fundamental rot is caused by the superposition of the god of ‘Rights’ over the ancient Saxon understandings – common to both our heritages for born of one – of Duty and Individual Responsibility. This false worship was spawned by Doctrinaire Socialism (in Britain in 1906) to which the whole of the Western Ethic has subscribed, essentially since WWII; wherefore my cry in ‘The Six Essays for Freedom’ – ‘Rights are Wrong’. This flaw I have never seen effectually intellectually challenged – but which The Golden Path not only does but reverses.

    It is the universal worship of the ‘It is my Right’ godhead which is the cause of the fundamental flaw in The Welfare States of the EU, which is driving them to inevitable financial collapse – while having swept away the ideas of a secular working Morality – whose constituents I have never seen defined, but which I have. The final death has been The Principle of Personal Probity on which every matter of Society must rest, and whose complete lack has fueled The West’s abundant financial frauds and the general corruption of politics – because conducted by individuals possessing no Moral base from which to conduct their lives or business – except self and ‘grab’.

    With Rights riding riot the chance of the understanding of Personal Probity is damned, while since Duty and Individual Responsibility now have no hold in the political or business mind the slide into the nether hell is inevitable. I have known this for the last 30 years as an engineering employer of my fellow – and for the last 10 years educating myself in classical thought, and writing. First Intellectual Dissent, but now a journey – The Golden Path – I have made which has re-created the classical virtues of Civilised Society unconstrained by any of the conventions of parties, gods, churches, ideologies or ‘schools, which have so bedevilled the last 2,ooo years.

    The Golden Path Quintet is a ‘shepherd’ (absolutely not a church school, ideology nor god) – probably the first time that full-on philosophy has been written by working engineer – a true originator – but which path is clothed in a wonderful series of romances so that ‘The Pill’ is wrapped in delicious sugar, and so The Path becomes ‘obvious’.

    Without we reverse this flaw, with all its Moral downsides, then seeking solutions to anything, specially Marketing which is supremely a Moral matter, will be a busted flush. TGP has made that journey.

    Alas it is so far outside ‘The Formula’ while really fitting no category either, that publishers wouldn’t touch it – so I am sweating it out on line! I fancy your country would understand what it has to say for being less ‘sunk’ than Britain – while the romances are enormous fun for being as unconventional as the rest.

    Yours very sincerely Margaret Montrose

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