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Write My Next Blog For Me. Tell Me What This Photo Says to YOU.

UPDATE: The follow-up blog post for this is now available at, Many thanks to all who contributed to this collaborative project! I was walking nonchalantly down the street yesterday when something caught my eye as I passed by a … Continue reading

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Where in the World Are You? Top 25 Dumbest Twitter Locations

Defining your location on Twitter is easy, but is frequently overlooked. Marketer Lynn Serafinn explains why it is important, and shares some amusing bloopers. I’m always amazed by how many people do not realise the importance of filling in your … Continue reading

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Directness and Transparency in Marketing – a Vital Interdependence

Author and consultant Lynn Serafinn explains how Directness and Transparency work together in our marketing, affecting how our audience receives our message. In The 7 Graces of Marketing, the 4th and 5th of the ‘Graces’ are Directness and Transparency, respectively. … Continue reading

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Consciously or Unconsciously, We are All Marketers

Community blogger Sue Ellam explores how marketing is an innate human trait, and how we shape the future by training the next generation to be ethical marketers. Have you ever viewed yourself or your child as an expert marketer? Give … Continue reading

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It Takes 2 to Tango – Stepping to the Dance of Collaboration

Guest blogger Nancy V Goodyear discusses the keys to forming great collaborative projects, and what the Argentine Tango can teach us about creating together. Collaboration is the act of working with another person on a shared project. That project might … Continue reading

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The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide for Writing GREAT Blog Posts

Author and marketer Lynn Serafinn shares her 12-step template for turning info articles into rich content for your readers and effective marketing tools for you. As a marketing consultant, I work with non-fiction authors and social entrepreneurs. Almost without exception, … Continue reading

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