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The 7 Graces of Life – How We WORK is How We LIVE

Community Blogger Paula Tarrant explores how the 7 Graces can influence more than just our businesses, and how we can apply them to our personal lives. As an entrepreneur, business owner or sole practitioner, the lines between our work life … Continue reading

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Why Turning Services into Products is Good for Business AND Customers

Lynn Serafinn explains how and why business owners can make more money and provide more value to clients (and themselves) by turning services into products. While many of my clients are authors, they also tend to be what I call … Continue reading

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How Companies Are Shifting from an Alpha to a Beta Paradigm

Lynn Serafinn interviews corporate anthropologist Dana Ardi about how leadership in the workplace is changing, and about her new book, The Fall of the Alphas. When we take a moment to look, we can see that the world around us … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Online Written Content from Unauthorised Use

7 Graces Community member and lawyer, Lubna Gem Arielle, explains copyright, plagiarism, and key issues to consider when someone has copied your original work. I’m often asked questions about protecting online written content. I’ve lost count of the number of … Continue reading

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How GIVING is Essential to Sustainable Business Success

Lynn Serafinn interviews humanitarian Alisoun Mackenzie about how a new concept of ‘giving’ can create sustainable prosperity for business, humanity and planet. Our 7 Graces community is comprised of some of the most remarkable people, all devoted to creating a … Continue reading

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Making Sure the ENERGY of Your Business is Right for YOU

Community blogger Sue Ellam shares her top tips for tuning into your energy so you can be authentic, confident and connected to your business and brand. I believe every business has a unique ‘energy’. When I talk about the ‘energy … Continue reading

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