Making Sure the ENERGY of Your Business is Right for YOU

Making Sure the ENERGY of Your Business is Right for YOU

Community blogger Sue Ellam shares her top tips for tuning into your energy so you can be authentic, confident and connected to your business and brand.

I believe every business has a unique ‘energy’. When I talk about the ‘energy of a business’, I mean how it makes people feel when they do business with you:

  • Do they get this feeling that you know what you are talking about and they can be confident in your professionalism?
  • Or, on the other hand, do they feel that there is something missing, and they can’t quite put their finger on it?

The energy of our business starts within US. I believe that no matter how well-qualified we might be, it is imperative that we really appreciate our own knowledge and expertise. Any self-doubt we might have will detract from the positive energy of our company, and will put our authenticity into question. We have to be confident in ourselves in order for other people to be confident in us.

So, today, I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned along the way as I discovered the different energies of my own businesses over the years.

TIP 1: Use Your ‘EMOTIONAL SENSORS’ as Your Radar System

Back when I was starting my current business I didn’t have a clue about the logo. I let professionals have a go at presenting me with options, but the results just didn’t feel right. They hadn’t captured the essence of my business, but rather tried to fit my business into their own format. They seemed unable to think outside of the box, put themselves in my shoes or relate to my business. Fortunately, I have a brother who is an extremely creative artist, so I asked him if he could come up with something for me. He sent me through his first idea and it had such an impact on me that I burst into tears. My logo was born!

Whenever you ask for advice or input from others, it’s important to run it past your emotional sensors. Does it connect with you? Does it truly reflect your business? If it does, you know you’re on the right track.

TIP 2: Be Sure You IDENTIFY With Your Business

I think it’s very important to completely identify yourself with your business. See it as an extension of yourself – not a separate entity.

When we identify with our business, it means we will operate it in a way that is true to our standards – we will be authentic. By being authentic, people will know who they are dealing with, and can make the choice whether they want to do business with us or not.

It is also really important to remember that not everyone will like us, resonate with us, or want to do business with us. Don’t let rejection take you off course, for every rejection you could have two acceptances if you just keep going. So, do what you do with passion, shine your light brightly and other passionate and shining people will find you.


Confidence comes from knowing yourself, your business and how best to serve people. However qualified you are, if you are tentative you can come across as apologetic, and that doesn’t inspire people to buy from you or invest in you.

Some years ago I remember watching a famous actress being interviewed; she was asked how she remained so confident. She admitted that it hadn’t always been that way, but that she had acted confident until it became the truth.

If we have honed our skills and learned our subject, then why shouldn’t we be confident in putting ourselves and our businesses out into the world? It really all boils down to our mind set and self-belief.

TIP 4: Don’t Fear FAILURE

Fear of failure comes in many forms. Fear of losing face and fear of losing money are two of the major ones, but it doesn’t really matter which one is your trigger. Whatever we fear causes stagnation and loss of impetus.

Many years ago I worked for a major construction company, which doesn’t exist anymore. The reason it failed was that the visionaries in the company were squeezed out because of the economic climate, and fear had crept in. Accountants were put into the top positions instead, and they counted every penny in and every penny out. Both the visionaries and the accountants were necessary to run the company – one without the other just didn’t work. The problem was that the accountants weren’t ‘programmed’ to take risks of any sort, so there was no forward movement and the business simply died.

I am a great believer in ‘like attracts like’. As soon as fear enters the equation and creeps into your business, then a downward spiral has to follow. Good business is a mixture of good sense and vision, and it is hampered by fear – especially fear of failure.


Desperation is an extension of fear and purely a way in how it presents itself. Desperation causes people to run round in circles grabbing at all opportunities, whether they are suitable ones or not. It affects our judgement and ability to think rationally. It manifests the symptoms of a panic attack, even if it’s not visible on the surface.

Desperation ties us up in knots and throws out a chaotic energy which transmits itself to potential clients. If we get to that place, or are on the road there, then we need to ask ourselves some serious questions:

  • Do we still love doing what we are doing, or is it a chore we do with others in mind?
  • When did the tide turn and desperation make an appearance?
  • Is our desperation solely based on stories we hear from the media and other people?
  • What have we started to do differently now that fear has taken hold?
  • Is it time to let go because you have a product or service that is no longer required?
  • What is the worst that can happen?

When we have found the honest answers to those questions, we can take action. It’s imperative that we take responsibility for what has happened and for making the changes, as blaming outside forces for our predicament puts us into a state of powerlessness and apathy. We have no hope of recovery when we are in that state of mind.

TIP 6: LISTEN to Feedback

When people colleagues or customers give us feedback, it’s really important to listen to it with an open mind, even if it isn’t particularly complimentary. If you get even a slight niggle that the person might have a point, don’t let your ego get in the way and decide to ignore it. The warning you get from this person could have the potential of saving you from a lot of future heartache.

For instance, if someone tells you that you don’t seem to have any confidence in the direction of your business, sit with it for a while. If it doesn’t resonate with you and you know exactly where your business is heading, ask yourself what might have given that person this impression. If you were going through a ‘wobbly’ day when you last spoke with them, your uncertain energy could have leaked into the way you expressed yourself, leading them to get an impression of you that might not be completely accurate.

Try not to see ‘negative feedback’ as a ‘negative energy’. While positive feedback is wonderful to receive, it is often the not-so-positive feedback that helps us to make changes and grow in the right direction.

In Conclusion

I believe that we should stay in constant connection with the energy of our business on an emotional level. In many ways, our relationship with our business resembles a marriage: if we don’t stay connected with our partner on an emotional level, we are in danger of becoming distant and aloof. Our partner will no longer feel safe being vulnerable with us, because they no longer feel the close connection, and we end up not knowing them that well anymore. They might even start keeping things from us intentionally because they don’t think we care anymore.

Likewise, if we lose touch with the energy of our business, it is likely to surprise us one day…and it isn’t necessarily going to be a pleasant surprise!

I would love to hear what methods you use to keep connected and in tune with the energy of YOUR business? Do you have any tips to share? Please let me hear from you in the comments at the end of this article, and feel free to connect with me via social media (you’ll find the links in my bio below).

Sue Ellam
8th April 2014

Sue-EllamSUE ELLAM is fascinated by the power of mind over matter and was initially guided towards spiritual healing and medium-ship. She is a professionally trained graphologist of 21 years standing and has travelled extensively using this skill, as well as that of tarot reading, participating in many festivals worldwide. Currently she is developing Soulfully Connecting which is a global website dedicated to the healing of mind, body, soul and planet. Her vision is to connect like-minded individuals around the world through the sharing of knowledge, providing a platform so that the change-makers can be seen, appreciated and supported.

Sue is a graduate of the 7 Graces Foundations of Ethical Marketing course.

Twitter: @soulfullysue

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Community blogger Sue Ellam shares her top tips for tuning into your energy so you can be authentic, confident and connected to your business and brand.

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