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4 Foundations of Ethical MarketingIf you are an independent business owner (new or established) OR someone who develops business and marketing strategies within someone else’s business, this course is for YOU if…

  • You are ready to bring more SOCIAL FOCUS into your business, in a meaningful and impactful way.
  • You are ready to become a true CHANGEMAKER through the work you do.
  • You don’t just want to serve your customers, but leave a LEGACY for the world as well.
  • You are COMMITTED to ethical business and marketing practice.
  • You are seeking to meet and work with OTHERS who share the same passion for serving the world through business.

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This is neither a sales call nor a teaching call, but an information call about the course. However, to make it fully worth your time, we will be sharing some insights on how to apply your commitment to ethical marketing in your own business.

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Want to know more about what you’ll learn on this course? Click HERE to read an article on the ‘Foundations of Ethical Marketing’.

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