The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Blogging

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Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Successful BloggingThe Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Blogging:

An Effective, Creative & Ethical Way of Marketing for Visionaries & New Paradigm Business Leaders

Discover how to make your world-changing message go global with this new book from Lynn Serafinn. Learn the same strategies she uses with her own marketing clients, and the methods that brought the 7 Graces blog to one million page views per month in just a year’s time.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify, know and write for your ideal audience
  • How to expand your vision through your blog
  • How to create your own unique blogging strategy
  • A step-by-step template for writing effective blog posts
  • Essential SEO tips to make your blog more ‘findable’
  • Top WordPress plugins to give power to your blog
  • How to increase reader loyalty and engagement
  • Systematic ways to drive (and increase) traffic to your blog
  • How to protect your site from spammers and hackers
  • How to use your blog to make your business enterprise grow
  • And much more

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