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Intellect. Imagination. Empathy. 3 Keys to Customer Intimacy

Corporate business consultant Cindy Barnes explores how we can develop true empathy and become better at knowing, feeling and acting upon our customers’ needs. These days, everyone talks about being customer centric and developing better and deeper customer relationships, yet … Continue reading

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How Companies Are Shifting from an Alpha to a Beta Paradigm

Lynn Serafinn interviews corporate anthropologist Dana Ardi about how leadership in the workplace is changing, and about her new book, The Fall of the Alphas. When we take a moment to look, we can see that the world around us … Continue reading

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‘Being’ versus ‘Doing’ in Collaboration

7 Graces co-Director Nancy Goodyear examines the importance of ‘being’ in collaborative projects and warns of the dangers of focussing solely on the to-do list. Collaboration is a wonderful way of working. It allows us to do things we just … Continue reading

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