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How to Tell a Good Brand Story and Stand OUT in the Market

Paula Tarrant explains how new-paradigm marketing is no longer about selling but about telling the true story of our businesses and why they matter to society. As marketers who are committed to a more compassionate, sustainable and ethical ecosystem for … Continue reading

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A Grace-Full Collaboration Unfolds a NEW Story of Marketing

7 Graces Project Founder Lynn Serafinn interviews 5 entrepreneurs, who share their experiences of co-creating and launching a short film on ethical marketing. Two years ago this week, the 7 Graces Project was born. We didn’t realise it at the … Continue reading

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The 7 Graces of Life – How We WORK is How We LIVE

Community Blogger Paula Tarrant explores how the 7 Graces can influence more than just our businesses, and how we can apply them to our personal lives. As an entrepreneur, business owner or sole practitioner, the lines between our work life … Continue reading

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7 Graces of Life – Why Bigger, Faster, Newer May Not Be BETTER

Community member Paula Tarrant explores the possibilities of living a ‘Slow Life’ and how that can help us integrate the 7 Graces into our whole lives. There is a school of thought that bigger, faster, newer is inherently better. This … Continue reading

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