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Do We REALLY Still Need to Talk About Ethical Marketing?

Lynn Serafinn talks about our power as conscious consumers, and offers three reasons why ethical marketing is crucial to the economic future of our world. My blogging has been slacking off lately. Ironically, one of the reasons is that I’ve … Continue reading

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Your Website: To Be or Not to Be – That Is the Question!

Sue Ellam shares some crucial guidelines for business owners that can save you money and frustration when working with a web designer for your website. When we start our businesses, we’re full of great ideas and enthusiasm. But while ideas … Continue reading

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How ‘Inviting’ Are Your Terms and Conditions?

7 Graces community member and lawyer Lubna Gem Arielle tells how defining your company’s terms and conditions can become a value-based asset to your business. Here’s a quick test. I’d like you to take a deep breath and answer one … Continue reading

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How Our Relationship with Source Shapes Us as Business Owners

Lynn Serafinn shares her definition of the word ‘Source’ and explains how our worldviews influence our choices to run ethical or not-so-ethical businesses. Here at the 7 Graces Project, we utilise a number of different paradigms that help to guide … Continue reading

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When Do Your Online Communications Become Defamatory?

7 Graces Community Member and lawyer Lubna Gem Arielle talks about the effect of our words and explains how some online comments can be considered defamatory. Our super-connected digital world has enabled us all to share our voices and opinions … Continue reading

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Defining the Four Cornerstones of Ethical Marketing

7 Graces Founder Lynn Serafinn strips marketing back to basics and explores how to ‘be’ an ethical marketer before attempting to ‘do’ ethical marketing. Hi everyone. I haven’t been blogging much in August, as I was travelling and taking some … Continue reading

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