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Is Twitter Still a Numbers Game? Was it Ever?

On July 2nd, Twitter banned all varieties of automated following, including follow-backs. Is this a gross inconvenience or just what the Twitterverse needs? These past few months have been something of a shakedown for many Twitter users. The first rumble … Continue reading

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Where in the World Are You? Top 25 Dumbest Twitter Locations

Defining your location on Twitter is easy, but is frequently overlooked. Marketer Lynn Serafinn explains why it is important, and shares some amusing bloopers. I’m always amazed by how many people do not realise the importance of filling in your … Continue reading

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Transparency Issues as Tweet Adder Settle Twitter Lawsuit

Because this article addresses a major legal issue that impacts many Twitter users, it was important to provide many facts and technical details, so readers could fully understand the matter at hand. Be assured, however, that my ultimate intention in … Continue reading

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Leadership, Vision and the Tribe in New Paradigm Marketing

Lynn Serafinn discusses the 3 essential ingredients of a tribe and why communication between marketers and their audience is vital to the new business paradigm. Over the past month, I’ve been writing a lot on the subject of the Grace … Continue reading

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Why New Paradigm Marketing Has Nothing To Do With Selling

Lynn Serafinn talks about our dysfunctional relationship with marketing, and how a change in our definition of marketing can restore its vital social function. This week, many people in the western world are on spring break. As I write this, … Continue reading

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Your Audience – Your Most Important Business Collaborators

Old school marketing was a persuasive, one-way communication. But new paradigm marketing is all about dialogue. Lynn Serafinn discusses how a collaborative relationship with our audience can foster innovation and restore the long-lost connection between businesses and the communities they … Continue reading

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