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Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Successful BloggingThanks so much for requesting a reminder about the release of my new book The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Blogging.

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Author, Marketing Consultant for Authors & Ethical Social Entrepreneurs

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise created to train, support, mentor and inspire independent business owners to market their business ethically, serve society and planet, and restore all that is best about humanity. The 7 Graces are a set of values and principles for a new paradigm for business, marketing, media and indeed our lives in general:

  1. CONNECTION – to aspire to unity with Self, people and planet
  2. INSPIRATION – to give value, express generosity and share wisdom freely
  3. INVITATION – to practice openness, engagement, hospitality and respect
  4. DIRECTNESS – to embrace simplicity and straightforwardness in our communication
  5. TRANSPARENCY – to express who we really are and what we value most in both personal and professional life
  6. ABUNDANCE – to aim towards sustainable wealth through ecological and economic balance
  7. COLLABORATION – to continually seek ways to create truly innovative projects together

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