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158 Twitter Tips & Strategies For Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers
Who Want To Market Their Business Ethically

by @Lynn Serafinn #1 bestselling author of The 7 Graces of Marketing

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Unlike any other book on social media you may have read, Tweep-e-licious! successfully marries practical 'how to' Twitter skills with a deep understanding of ethics, communication and human relationships. Almost 300 pages in length, this is not just another 'tip book', but a comprehensive manual of ethical marketing strategies that can help you build a motivated online network and create effective marketing campaigns for your book, business or social cause.

Guided by a cutting-edge new marketing paradigm Lynn first introduced in her #1 bestseller The 7 Graces of Marketing, Tweep-e-licious will give you a deeper understanding of the unique world of online communications, relationships and human motivation so you can create high-quality, engaging content that creates the inviting kind of impact you -- as an ethical entrepreneur -- want to make.

If you've tried Twitter but you never quite 'got' it, Tweep-e-licious! will help you:

* Overcome your Twitterphobia * Create an effective profile * Create a strong business platform *
* Understand Twitter lingo * Identify, find and connect with your ideal audience *

* Leverage the power of Twitter lists * Create and use hashtags * And much more *

AND, if you already love Twitter but would like to take it to the max,
you will find a wealth of information on:

* Creating compelling content * Building strong Twitter relationships * Creating collaborative marketing campaigns *
* Monetising strategies * Automation tools * Twitter contests * Crowd funding campaigns *
* Personal sustainability * RSS, expansion and influence * And MUCH more *

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"This book is Robert Caldini's 'Influence' on steroids!"
~ SHELAGH JONES - @SpiritusShelagh
Founder/CEO Spiritus Spiritual Marketing Directory

"Lynn Serafinn has written THE guide to using Twitter...Tweep-e-licious is far and away the clearest, most practical, usable, and ethical guide for how to build your own 'tribe' on Twitter. It's definitely motivating me to finally get serious about using Twitter. A must-read!"
Author of the #1 customer service bestsellers
What to Say to a Porcupine and The Customer Service Survival Kit

"Lynn Serafinn is the Twitter Queen! She launched my book, Blast Off, to #1 using many of the methods in her new book, Tweep-e-licious!. If you want to add power to your social media punch, this is the book to read, hands down!"
~ ALLISON MASLAN - @AllisonMaslan
Author of #1 entrepreneurial bestseller Blast Off!

"This book is a game changer. I'm exactly the kind of anti-twitter snob Lynn created this book for. I just didn't get the whole Twitter thing at all. Then a friend told me I had to read this book. I'm so glad I did! I followed Lynn's strategies--which feel good, ethical, and authentic--and made Twitter a central part of my first book launch. I QUICKLY added over 6,000 new Twitter followers... and my book became a #1 best seller in 4 countries on Amazon. (And made a quick $30,000 in sales, which was nice, too.) Now I'm a believer: Twitter is too important a tool to ignore, and this is the best training for using it well."
~MORGANA RAE - @MorganaRae
Author of #1 Financial Management bestseller Financial Alchemy

'My company Sound Orange had been on Twitter for nearly two years, but we were stuck at around 700 unresponsive followers for the longest time. We had no real idea of what to Tweet or how to connect with the audience we wanted to reach. Then, I started working with Lynn, who began applying the same strategies she discusses in her book Tweep-e-licious!. Lynn immediately showed me how much potential content our site already contained, and within a few weeks I wrote over 600 highly relevant Tweets with ease. I automated this content using Lynn's suggestions, and focused on building relationships on Twitter. After three months, we had over 4000 highly engaged followers, my Klout score went from non-existent to 59, and our monthly web subscriptions increased by 200%. All in all, Lynn's Twitter strategies work!'
~ANADI TAYLOR- @MediaForTheSoul
Founder, Sounds Orange and iMediaLibrary

'TWEEP-E-LICIOUS is more than a book; it's a smorgasbord of much needed information for today's marketer. I've read a lot of books about social media platforms and marketing. None of them even compare to TWEEP-E-LICIOUS! It's a complete breakdown of why you need to be on Twitter and the steps you need to take to stand out amongst the crowd. It's perfect for both beginners and seasoned Twitter users.'
~ CAROL LAWRENCE - @intuneparenting
Social Media Help 4 U

'In Tweep-E-Licious, Lynn Serafinn does a masterful job of conveying how to effectively use Twitter to promote your organization. Whether you're an experienced tweep or a novice, you'll pick up a number of ideas you can apply immediately. Hat's off to Lynn!'
~KENT HUFFMAN - @KentHuffman @8Mandates
CMO at BearCom Wireless
Author of
8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success

"If you are serious about Twitter for Business, Tweep-e-licious is bursting at the seams with great tips which are both practical and ethical...This book will show you how you can create a powerful network for business success!"
~ ALISON PERRY - @PurpleDogNet
Director The Purple Dog Network

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